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Internal Speaker Bullet Kit

Generation 3


Jack Bybee’s Golden Goddess ’Super Effect’ Speaker Bullets were praised by audio reviewers and customers as the most effective of all external Bybee accessories. However, the combination of increasingly costly materials and labor-intensive construction mandated a retail price of $4,200 per set of four, with two sets required for bi-wire loudspeakers. Those original external Speaker Bullets were discontinued and replaced by the original Bybee Internal Speaker Bullets, which were designed for OEM speaker manufacturers, audio modifiers and DIY hobbyists. Those accessories were installed internally, placed after the speaker terminals and ahead of  the crossover network. Those original Internal Speaker Bullet Kits, priced at an MSRP of $1,040/set, delivered better performance than did the original plug-in Speaker Bullets at their much higher MSRP of $4,200/set.
The New Product. Each Internal Speaker Bullet Kit contains two Positive and two Negative devices. The Positive element is a custom-fabricated ‘Super Effect’ Internal Purifier with one-inch leads of a special proprietary wire. The Negative element is optimized for maximum sonic performance and quieting on the return leg of the connection.
What allows the latest Internal Speaker Bullet Kits to perform even better at a significantly lower price (MSRP $860/set) is the proprietary wire, which replaces the costly 14K gold wire used in the original products. Chosen after extensive bench and listening tests, the new wire delivers both better detail resolution and greater warmth and harmonic richness in comparison to either gold or silver leads.

One Kit treats a pair of single-wired loudspeakers. Bi-wire speakers require two Kits. For the audiophile who demands the absolute best performance attainable, a Positive and Negative pair may be installed right at each transducer rather than just ahead of the crossover network.

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Internal Speaker Bullet Kit  - Generation 3 (2 Large/2 Large = Set of 4), Each

$860.00 $860.00 pcX USD Price

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