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Electrolytic Capacitors - PK Series

Polarized, ultra compact/miniature size  

Recently, pcX was give the opportunity to acquire a large NOS inventory of these caps, from another member of the 2006/7 group buy consortium.  These are values and types now surplus to this manufacturer’s needs, but are still highly prized by hobbyists worldwide.
Given the scarcity of NOS supplies of these caps, “market prices" have risen dramatically…often at multiples 10 to 20 times the original retail.     However for this stock, pcX has decided to offer these caps considerably below these ultra-high speculative prices…at levels, far more palatable to our clientele.
If you always wanted to use Blackgate’s in your electronics, now is the time to order them…..for once these are gone, it’s high doubtful we will ever see them again !

IMPORTANT NOTE: During pcX’s Monthly Sales, There is NO DOUBLE DISCOUNTING applied over and above any "special pricing” on any item, including items with quantity pricing.



220uF / 4VDC, PK Series, 6mmD x 7mmL, Each

67% Off Bulk Buy Pricing


$6.00 $1.99 pcX USD Price

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