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Film Capacitor Information Page  


 Welcome: Listen to the difference

 ClarityCap has been manufacturing high quality
 audio  grade capacitors for the last 20 years and
 more and  more people are appreciating the
 difference that a  ClarityCap capacitor makes
 to sound  quality.


 Why use ClarityCap?

  • ClarityCap capacitors have been developed in conjunction with industry manufacturers.
  • There is a wide standard range offering a selection of capacitances and voltages.
  • Custom-made components can be manufactured.
  • Tape, resin and printing options are available.
  • Worldwide product support.
  • Already used by some of the world’s leading names in the loudspeaker industry.

     But above all, the clarity of sound
     our capacitors give to your products…

     Listen to the difference.

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ClarityCap Overview


ClarityCap’s top MR and ESA metalized polypropylene film capacitors are the result of two years of R&D in cooperation with the acoustics department of a leading University. In the course of subjecting hundreds of capacitors from various manufacturers to exhaustive electrical and mechanical analysis and controlled listening tests, one often neglected characteristic was identified as of critical importance to the listening experience: signal capacitors with low self-generated microphonics were consistently perceived as clearer, more spatial, and generally preferable to capacitors exhibiting greater microphonics. Microphonics result from electrostriction—the attractive force between capacitor plates that causes the plate to act as a tiny electrostatic diaphragm. A film capacitor is an elastic body that propagates vibration and mechanical resonance with the application of voltage and current (particularly during transients).

In all of the capacitors tested, resonances were observed in the upper audio frequency band between 10kHz and 30kHz, with varying mean amplitude and Q factor according to the particular capacitor under test. In addition, a ‘frequency doubled’ peak could be seen when driving the capacitor with a sweep signal, since the forces acting between a capacitor plates are always attractive regardless of the actual polarity.

We modeled the behavior mathematically and measured it at the outer winding with a sensitive microphone and a motion-detecting laser vibrometer.


Special materials, constructions, and treatments were devised to improve mechanical stability and reduce microphonics. ClarityCap’s latest MR(Minimal Resonance) and ESA ranges each incorporate this new take on engineering a capacitor. MR adds to ESA the advantages of a series winding encapsulated in damping resin and acrylic for even lower microphonics. These low-resonance dry constructions have a smooth and relaxing quality akin to a good oil cap, but without the slurring of fine detail experienced with oil-damping. The sound is resolving, spatial, wide open and dynamic against a calm background.

ClarityCap’s good-science, no-nonsense approach comes from over thirty years of lessons learned as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of metalized film capacitors. As one of the audio capacitor industry’s few actual OEMs, ClarityCap is distinguished from boutique suppliers that offer rebrands of outsourced production. We control R&D and all means of production, ensuring that value—a high ratio of performance to price-- comes straight from us to you.

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