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Russian Military NOS
FT-3 (600V)
*PTFE Film & Aluminum Foil Capacitors


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The FT-3 Series of Russian NOS caps, are a high quality Teflon capacitor made specifically for the military. The electrode material is made of aluminum foil and the dielectric is teflon film, glass sealed in an aluminum body. Finally, the cap has silver-plated leads. With these caps, tight tolerances are kept within a wide temperature range (a characteristic of this design). These capacitors provide excellent sonic characteristics, at a fraction of the cost, of what normal “western-made" teflon caps cost.

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0.22uF 600Vdc, FT-3 Series Russian Military Spec. Film & Foil Capacitor *PTFE Insulated Tolerance +/- 5%

$11.95 $11.95 pcX USD Price

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