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All prices are in USD

pcX does not have a "real-time/live" inventory field configured into our shopping cart software. As a result, you will be informed of any "out of stock" or "no longer available items" when you receive your Sales/Quote Confirmation email.
Acceptable payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal Shipping Methods Include UPS, Fedex, USPS and Canada Post

If phoning to place your order, PLEASE have all your information ready including full SKU#'s, quantities, and all personal/payment information.
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Please Note:  pcX does not have a “real-time/live” inventory field configured into our shopping cart software. As a result, you will be informed of any “out of stock” or “no longer available items” when you receive your Sales/Quote Confirmation email.

Or you may Fax in your order by using our PDF form,
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NOTE: There is no minimum order.

NOTE: For US and INT'L orders over $500 USD in value, pcX will automatically ship them via UPS/FEDEX (fully trackable, and signature required unless stated otherwise.), as pcX will not assume liability for their safe delivery otherwise. Thus, customers who insist on AIR MAIL or EXPRESS POST shipment methods (over this value), are taking full responsibility for them.






SKU# (Stock Keeping Unit Number)




All prices are in U.S. Dollars – USD. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. The prices on our website are typically the most up-to-date.


All items are F.O.B. (Freight on Board) Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Parts ConneXion cannot be held responsible for any order once it has been shipped.


We ship all in-stock orders within 24 hours of ordering and/or receiving payment, EXCEPT during very busy times of the year (when order volume rises dramatically during a special sale). Any items not in stock will automatically be back-ordered and shipped as soon as they arrive, unless otherwise specified. See back-order section for more details.


Please specify your shipping method preference at time of order or our default shipping method, listed below, will be used.

NOTE: The default method is the cheapest.

USA: The DEFAULT shipping method is USPS. Back-orders ship via Small Packet Air Mail. Shipments can ship via UPS/FEDEX Priority (at your request). Please use your 9 digit zip code (00000-0000) if you have one as it may speed postal delivery.

CANADA: The DEFAULT shipping method is Expedited Mail, we can also ship via Express Post. Back-orders ship via Expedited Mail. Priority shipments ship via UPS/FEDEX (at your request).

INTERNATIONAL: The DEFAULT shipping method is Small Packet Air Mail. Back-orders ship via Small Packet Air Mail. Priority shipments ship via UPS/FEDEX (at your request).

NOTE: We “add” shipping charges on ALL orders and customers are responsible for such charges.


Any applicable customs, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the consignee.


NOTE: For US and INT’L orders over $500 USD in value, pcX will automatically ship them via UPS/FEDEX (fully trackable, and signature required unless stated otherwise.), as pcX will not assume liability for their safe delivery otherwise. Thus, customers who insist on AIR MAIL or EXPRESS POST shipment methods (over this value), are taking full responsibility for them.

Small Packet Air Mail (not trackable): Delivery is generally between 7 to 10 business days in North America; 10 to 14 days plus to International destinations.

Expedited Mail (trackable): Delivery in Canada ONLY; 2-5 business days.

Express Post (trackable): Delivery is 1 to 2 business days in Canada; 3 to 5 business days in the US. For delivery confirmation, request the tracking number on your shipment from Parts ConneXion, and call Canada Post at 1-888-550-6333 (M-F 8am-6pm) or click on “Track a Package” at 24-hours a day.

UPS/FEDEX Ground (trackable, and signature required unless stated otherwise.)- CANADA/USA only: Delivery is 3-5 business days to most major North American cities. For delivery confirmation, obtain your tracking number from Parts ConneXion and call 1-888-PICK-UPS or enter number and click “Track” at 24-hours a day.

UPS/FEDEX Express Priority (trackable, and signature required unless stated otherwise.): Delivery is next business day to most major North American cities: 2-day delivery to most centers in Western Europe; 2-4 days in Asia. For delivery confirmation, obtain your tracking number from Parts ConneXion and call 1-888-PICK-UPS or enter number and click “Track” at 24-hours a day.

NOTE: In some cases, UPS/FEDEX adds a surcharge if the recipient's address is outside their normal delivery area. In these cases, we will have to charge you, the customer, afterwards for these additional costs, once they are known to us.


Actual shipping costs are a function of the method of shipment, the shipment's weight or its cubic displacement, whichever is more (those are carrier rules, not ours). We cannot calculate the cost until your order is picked, packed, weighed and measured. Therefore, we can only provide you with an estimate at the time you order.



Any applicable customs, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the consignee.

Payment may be made by:

1) VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX: Please provide the card number, expiry date, and the name as it appears on the card if different from addressee. All orders are billed in U.S. Dollars (US$). However, Canadian customers are charged in CDN$, at the current daily exchange rate, plus applicable taxes.

NOTE: On large OEM/Distributor orders, pcX cannot absorb the CC merchant fee...therefore; these orders will have a 2.5% CC surcharge added if this method of payment is still requested by the customer. To avoid this, we suggest sending a TT wire transfer instead.

2) MONEY ORDER: We only accept “International Money Orders” in USD (US$) or Canadian Dollars ($).
No domestic US Postal money orders are accepted.

3) BANK DRAFT OR BANK CHEQUE: In U.S. or Canadian Dollars ($).

NOTE: We do not accept personal or company cheques

4) BANK TRANSFERS (TT Wire): Larger orders only, additional $35 fee is applied. Please contact us for details.

5) PAYPAL: A handling fee will apply. We will contact you via email with a full Paypal quote and the EMAIL address you will need to send funds to, only once the quote has been picked and weighed for shipping costs.


Like most Internet Web sites, this Site is accessible worldwide. However, not all Parts ConneXion products or services are available to all persons, or in all geographic locations. Parts ConneXion reserves the right to limit the provision of its products and services to any person, geographic area, or jurisdiction, and to limit the quantities of any products or services that it provides. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and local rules regarding the transmission of technical data, acceptable content, and online conduct. CLICK HERE, for the current list of countries pcX is unable to sell to, based on either the Area Control List; or Export Control List; or Restricted Sale of US-made Goods List; or Export Sanctions List - for both Canada & the US.


Back-ordered items will appear on the invoice in a column marked as B/O. We will automatically ship in-stock items immediately and ship back-orders as stock arrives, unless you specify that you want your order to be shipped complete at one time. Back-ordered items are NOT billed to the customer until they are shipped. All backordered items are subject to shipping charges.

NOTE: Due to some supplier lead times and the specialized nature of the products we carry (some of which are made to order), some back-ordered items may have very long lead times.


Changes to orders must be made before 12 noon on the day of the order, otherwise the order may have been processed.

Orders for WIRE are not cancellable or returnable once cut from the master spool.



a) Since we, at Parts ConneXion, do not control the use of the products we sell, there are no expressed or implied warranties beyond those stated herein from the manufacturer, and we will not be responsible for any consequential or indirect damages incurred from improper use or handling (including static electricity). Parts ConneXion disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Parts ConneXion acts only as a distributor of products manufactured by other companies, and expressly limits its liabilities to any guarantees extended by the manufacturer, which Parts ConneXion passes on to the customer. No warranties apply if the goods are in any way altered or modified after delivery by Parts ConneXion or its carriers.


(use a continuity tester or digital multimeter)

The nature and purpose of a fuse is to "blow" when it encounters some form of ac anomaly, power surge or internal fault, in order to protect your gear from serious damage. So, blowing is not a failure mode - it’s a performing as designed.

If the fuse has continuity when installed, it is a viable fuse. That is why no manufacturer provides a warranty on blown fuses (only on fuses that do not have continuity prior to installation).

NOTE: The “blow characteristics” will differ slightly (due to the different metallurgy of the fuse elements) between commercial grade and audio grade fuses. We can't guarantee that your audiophile grade fuse, won’t blow at a different in-rush current threshold, that your stock commercial fuse.

pcX does not refund or exchange "blown" fuses.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser (i.e. YOU!) to determine the suitability of parts for their intended application when placing your order. You should inspect the shipment upon receipt and satisfy yourself that it is as ordered.

a) pcX will only take back parts in situations where they are defective or are incorrectly shipped. We accept no merchandise for return without a Return Material Authorization number (RMA#) which may be obtained by contacting our order service department and supplying the original invoice number and date.
b) pcX may accept (at our discretion) returns, under special circumstances. However, in these cases, a store credit will be issued for the value of goods returned, less a re-stocking charge of 15%. All returned goods must be in their original saleable condition and in original shipping containers. Orders for WIRE are not cancellable or returnable once cut from the master spool. Any returned parts that have been soldered, leads trimmed, etc, will NOT be refunded.
c) Defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise will be fully credited or replaced at our option, subject to inspection of the returned merchandise.
d) Parts must be returned within 30 days of shipping (or within manufacturers’ warranty)to be eligible for replacement or credit.
e) Special orders, assembled, or non-stock items are not returnable.
f) Make sure you check with one of our sales reps on return shipping methods, when calling for RMA #.
g) The parcel must be shipped via  "trackable "Postal" means", as we will not issue credit untill returned items are in house.


All shipments should be inspected upon delivery. Any damages incurred during shipping should be IMMEDIATELY CLAIMED to the CARRIER. The shipment of items to replace defective merchandise will be done via Small Package Airmail, or equivalent low cost method.


All EXPRESS POST and UPS/FEDEX shipments are automatically insured for $100.00 CAD. Additional insurance is available (for all shipping methods, except AIR MAIL) at a cost of $3.00 for every additional $100.00 of order value.

NOTE: International shipments can only be insured for the declared customs value of your order.


One of the most valuable services Parts ConneXion offers is the advice of our technical staff. It is often better to put your question, along with all other relevant information, by EMAIL (, FAX, or mail it to us. While we try to answer as many technical inquiries as possible, due to the sheer volume we receive, we cannot guarantee a timely response to every technical inquiry. (Besides, we will freely admit that we do not have ALL of the answers!)

SKU# (Stock Keeping Unit Number):

You will see this reference code listed beside (usually to the left side) every one of the parts and products we list for sale as well as on your invoice. The SKU code is a unique product identifier and is used to track parts/products in our inventory system.

As you will see it is a two-part code – an alpha and a numeric and if both parts of the code are used, order accuracy is improved and processing is expedited. White space has been provided, on our order form, for your use to enter the SKU code. This will assist in you receiving the right part/product -- the one you ordered!


Our customers are extremely important to us. If you have any comments or suggestions on our products or services, please feel free to contact us. We need your input to serve you better.

Any applicable customs, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the consignee.


Parts ConneXion Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is one of the biggest concerns for Internet users. Parts Connexion respects the privacy of every person who visits our Web site or purchases the products we stock or the services we provide. We have created this statement to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy and to illustrate the value we place on the information you provide to us.

Parts ConneXion’s business scope:

The company has two lines of business:

  • The retailing of Audio parts and components to the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) audio hobbyist and audiophile, world wide and,

  • The modification and repair of audio amplification equipments

    Links to Other Web Sites
    Parts Connexion Web sites contain links to other sites. Parts ConneXion is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of these linked sites, as their policies may differ from our own.


    In various places on our Web sites, we may request information from you. This might include your name, email address, other contact information or demographic data such as your age or occupation. We use this information to:

  • alert you, as a customer of record, to new products, product changes, service up-dates and special pricing via our newsletter “eConneXion”,

  • send you our newsletter, ”eConneXion” if you have requested it by direct subscription, or have been a past customer, only,

  • provide you with information you have requested about the company, the products we sell and/or the services we provide,

  • collect survey data to improve our product offerings and services,

  • send you or a colleague an email you've requested,

  • classify our users and correspondents into demographic categories so that we can better track the issues, concerns and preferences of those groups and, ultimately, deliver products and services that more accurately meet their needs

We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. When you volunteer information that may be shared with our partners, we will ask you explicitly to grant us such permission by opting in on a Web page.

Contests and Surveys

Periodically, we will run contests and surveys for our customers and website visitors. Participation in these is entirely voluntary, and you have a choice whether or not you disclose the requested information. Information requested may include contact information (such as name, email address) and demographic information (age, postal/zip code, answers to specific questions, etc.).

We use contact information to notify winners. Other information we collect is aggregated and used by Parts ConneXion to improve our product and service offerings.

Opting Out

When you subscribe to our newsletter, “eConneXion” we provide simple instructions, in each newsletter located at the bottom of the newsletter via an iContact link.

Purchasing Products

As this is an ecommerce website we will be receiving your credit card information through our safeguarded SSL(Secure Sockets) type technology at least 128-bit encryption.

Parts ConneXion does store your contact information to expedite technical support if you request it, and to provide you with information about new products services and special pricing.


Technical and Demographic Information
Parts ConneXion collects technical and demographic information about you that does not personally identify you. Examples of this type of information include the computer operating system you use, your Internet browser, your domain name and IP address, and the Web pages you view. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.

We use this information to diagnose problems with our Web site and to better tailor its content to your needs.

How We Use Cookies
The items added to your shopping cart are stored on a cookie that remembers your items for 7 days. It stores the items for you incase you want to come back to the cart later, if you do not wish the items to be remembered for you please hit the Empty Cart button. 

Open Rates and Clicks
When Parts ConneXion sends messages such as our newsletter, “eConneXion” we track the open rates of the HTML version of these messages. This allows us to improve the quality of the messages we send. We cannot track open rates on plain text messages.

Parts ConneXion may also track clicks on website links included in the messages.
None of this information is linked to personal information that can identify any individual person.


Parts ConneXion takes strong precautions to protect the information you provide from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction.

Information you provide is stored on a secure server on our premises, in a locked room. Only certain Parts ConneXion employees who need this information to do their jobs have access to it.
In some cases, Parts Connexion stores databases with, a leading provider of ‘managed services’ for newsletter mailing lists for internet retailers. These lists contain email addresses, as well as other information the client has submitted. These lists are subject to the same security as data Parts ConneXion collects itself, and is never shared with others.

All Parts ConneXion employees are made aware of the importance we place on privacy, and what they can do to ensure customer information is protected.


If you have provided information to Parts ConneXion and would like it deleted from our records, or you would like to update information you've given us, please send an email to


If You Feel You Have Received Unsolicited Email
Parts Connexion does not send or condone unsolicited email, or "spam". We send email only to people who have requested our newsletter, or asked for information about our products and services.

If you feel you've received unsolicited email from Parts ConneXion, please send a message to We promise to deal with your issue promptly.

Other Concerns
If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, you can contact us by phone, fax, email or conventional mail.

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