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High Current Output Protected "SuperPower" 
2.0 Amp SPL79 Regulator 2.0 Amp SPL17 Regulator 


Belleson Superpower - the next generation of Jung-type super regulator. This novel circuit (patent applied for) uses its own stable, quiet output voltage to power its internal reference. In voltage regulators, low noise is important but you must also have great dynamics to deliver power while keeping the output clean and flat. Superpower provides the best combination of high line regulation, low noise, low output impedance and fast dynamic performance in the world. Improve any system with this simple plug-in replacement for LM78 or LM79 type regulators.

NOTE: In September 2013, all Belleson regulators (regardless of series), underwent a re-design - the result being a substantial improvement in specifications. pcX has now decided to call these the MKII versions.

Belleson Data Sheet - PDF

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SPL17, +24V 2AHigh Current, Protected Superpower New "MKII" Regulator, Each

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