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Tantalum Film

In late September 2012, a new range of Tantalum resistors were launched, which were similar to the old Shinkoh NOS resistors in that they were both Tantalum film and non-magnetic, using a high copper content brass end cap (rather than the magnetic iron/nickel end caps) with a tinned OFC copper lead. These 1% tolerance parts are available in all 3 wattage ranges, in a wide variety of E12 table values. The consensus view of audiophiles who have tried them both, is that this new A-N non-magnetic range not only equals the NOS Shinkoh’s, but slightly surpasses them is a few key sonic parameters. So, they aren’t simply a proxy for Shinkoh, but a preferable alternative.

SILVER Tantalum Film

The ultimate development by A-N was the Silver non-magnetic Tantalum resistor – by far, A-N’s best sounding resistor. No, it is not made from solid silver, but is essentially the same as the non-magnetic Tantalum film resistor, where instead of a high content copper brass end cap with copper lead out wires, A-N uses a solid silver end cap with 1.2 mm pure solid silver lead out wires. A-N had a special annealable silver material developed by a metalurgist so they could control the hardness to make the “grip” of the cups sufficient to not come loose from the resistor body when bending the lead out wires. It took a while for them to find a specialist company willing to produce this material and then the minimum quantity they could make was 50 kilograms of silver (a massive investment for just one product). We currently have a wide range of 2 watt 1% values in stock, with ½ & 1 watt ranges promised in the not too distant future.


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