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Johnson Solder

Johnson's IA-423  is a "ternary eutectic" alloy, i.e., a composition comprising its three component elements (tin, silver and copper) that both melts and flows at a single low temperature, 423°F (217°C). Practically speaking, eutectic alloys are shinier, stronger and have a tighter, more refined grain  structure than near-eutectic or non-eutectic compositions. As a result, IA-423 is becoming a highly desireable replacement for the lead-containing solders used in electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards and many other high-tech soldering applications. Audiophiles also claim that IA-423 is the best sounding solder they've ever heard,  possibly due to its improved conductivity, owing to both its high silver and copper content.  
Solder wire is .032" in diameter with a Rosin flux core. This solder is 4.7% Silver and 1.7% Copper.   We highly recommend that this solder be used in conjunction with Cardas Flux Paste, to improve the solder's workability so it flows as easily as the other solders we sell.

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JOHNSON  Rosin Core, 20 Gram Roll, Each

$6.95 $6.95 pcX USD Price



JOHNSON  Rosin Core, 1 Lb (454g) roll, Each

$99.95 $99.95 pcX USD Price

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