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New Website Instructions


pcX’s NEW E-Commerce Website has Launched !

After some first day “teething” issues, the site is now operating as expected…and we couldn’t be happier !   We will continue to tweak and refine the site over the coming days and weeks.   As well, we will add “major” features enhancements every quarter (3 month intervals).  Please keep sending us your feedback…the more input we get, the faster any bug fixes (corrections), tweaks, and enhancements will be implemented.

We’d like to remind all customers, that your data entry is the “critical” part of the order entry process...without complete and accurate information, your order will not move forward.   Let us review some important steps:

  • CURRENCY: You must choose your Currency (especially Canadians – CAD$ totals will display throughout your order process. When checking out, CLICK ON  “Canadian Customers CLICK HERE” for payment options, and follow through with choice of payment method: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Debit, EMT).  If you do not, all prices will show in USD.   The Currency Drop-Down Menu is located on the top of page header, located on every page.
  • COURIER SHIPPING (in North America):
    • UPS Express – 1 business day
    • UPS Expedited – 2 business days

  • CREDIT: In cases of over-payments (PCX is out of stock of an ordered item), Store Credits will be issued in the form of a Gift Certificate.  It will be issued to you, the customer, via e-mail.  In this e-mail, we will provide you with a Gift Certificate # and PIN #.  You can apply the Gift Certificate towards your next order, in the Gift Certificate Field on the CHECK OUT page.   Those preferring a refund, need only ask.
  • FREIGHT: Estimated Shipping - When you add an item to your Cart, the estimated shipping cost will be shown.  This estimated shipping cost is accurate to most major city locations.  If the shipping cost is higher than the estimated shipping, then pcX will contact you for approval before we process your order and will require the difference to be paid before the order is released for shipping.   If the estimated shipping cost is lower then the actual shipping cost, we will send you a Gift Certificate for the difference, which you can apply to any future orders.
  • BILLING & SHIPPING INFORMATION: You MUST enter your information ACCURATELY.  If you select a different country then where you are actually from, you cannot proceed to check out and an error message will appear.  In addition, your billing information MUST match your credit card details. Finally, if you have entered an incorrect address, country or zip/postal code, you will be unable to proceed to check out.  Our new website is designed to provide a secure check out process, hence why we required such precise and accurate data entry. 

Thank you…your pcX Team.

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