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PARTS CONNEXION / 1504377 Ontario Limited was formed by Chris Johnson (founder, and former president of Sonic Frontiers (SFI) and The Parts Connection (TPC)) and Victoria Switzer (the former General Accountant and Chief Administrator for SFI/TPC) at the beginning of 2002. We created pcX to fill the void left in the DIY Audio Parts marketplace by the closure of SFI's The Parts Connection division; a closure precipitated by SFI's decision to focus its efforts "exclusively" on their very successful ANTHEM brand of award-winning, high-end, multi-channel home theater electronics.

NOTE:  To be clear, PARTS CONNEXION (pcX) is a new corporation, totally unaffiliated with SFI or the former TPC. At pcX, we are carrying similar product lines and are using a similar part/SKU number scheme to that which TPC had, but that is where the similarities end. pcX did not assume, take-over, or acquire The Parts Connection business. Nor did we acquire the rights to, or the designs of, TPC's electronics brand, Assemblage. Any and all outstanding issues any former TPC/Assemblage customer may have with TPC (such as warranty obligations), must be addressed to TPC's parent company -- Sonic Frontiers International.

Today, pcX has 8 full-time and 2 part-time employees, to service the needs of our valued customers.  We are located in a 2400 sq. ft commercial unit, in a western Toronto (GTA) suburb - Burlington, Ontario, CANADA. (See map on Contact Us page)  While the bulk of our business is mail-order (derived over the internet, phone and fax), we do encourage pick-up orders for local customers.

Lastly, after 7 years of using an antiquated "static" HTML website for the display of our product listings, pcX embarked on a project in late 2008 to design and launch, a modern, user-friendly e-Commerce shopping cart based website by the middle of 2009...and we are pleased to report we launched 2 weeks early...on June 17th 2009. At the beginning of 2013, with our ecommerce website being as successful as it has been, we will be working towards making even more changes to a more current and up to date design, format and featured website. Stay tuned over the next year...

Over the coming weeks and months, pcX will continue to substantially grow it's range of product offerings.  We are also looking to add in-house expertise to support growth in the loudspeaker, guitar amp, digital amplifier and kit DIY hobbyist markets.  We will not only add new master categories, but we will endeavour to broaden our range of product lines in existing we strive to become every DIY audio enthusiast's only true 1-Stop part source !

The era of the "new" pcX has begun !

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