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Our Soundrooms

The idea behind Audio ConneXion (acX), was born from the desire to not just open another conventional “brick & mortar” audio store….but to create a true destination retail space…a unique user experience, that would make any customer’s visit memorable.

So, we needed a theme, that wasn’t just the latest interior design trend – but something that related to this industry – high performance audio.   After only 10 minutes of thinking about it, the solution became obvious – Mid-Century Modern…the era where we saw audio transformer from MONO to STEREO…..that is when high-end audio was born!  The genesis of the MCM design movement, sprang from materials and manufacturing techniques first showcased at the 1939 World’s Fair, and matured as it incorporated the timeless elegance of Scan Design, and further evolved into a variety of post-WW II sub-genre’s…think Mad Men, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Big Lebowski & North by Northwest.

Our store is laid out in a 4000 sq foot space, and features 2 large retail areas, 3 dedicated sound rooms (all meticulously acoustically treated, with multiple dedicated AC power lines per room), each decorated in the manner of a different MCM design sub-genre.  An Eames Chair in one corner; Jacobsen Egg Chair in another…vintage album art and stereo magazine cartoon’s on the walls throughout…with every lamp, piece of furniture, plant, colour and knick knack, OF THE PERIOD – many of which are authentic, and not reproductions.  When we queue up Miles Davis KIND OF BLUE, you’ll think it’s 1959 here at acX !

We also have a large and ever-changing range of Vintage audio gear available for sale…as we accept trade-in’s, and often buy large estate collections.   So, we have both Classics from the Past, and the latest and greatest that New Technology has to offer.

So, come take a listen down memory lane, or reach into the sonic future, here at acX…whether it be your favourite cut on a classic audiophile album, or the newest high rez track on the latest streaming platform…we are here to help you on your quest to find the Audio Holy Grail…for those with a passion for achieving great sound, it’s all about the journey, not the destination!

Happy Listening

acX Team